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Business Process Management

Business Process Management
A next-generation BPM platform, jBPM provides a solution for BPM requirements of every class of BPM and workflow software users - enterprise users, information workers and business managers, OEMs/ISVs and developers. jBPM is a robust business application platform that provides the business users with the ability to create a new application, by making use of its powerful features. jBPM is an enterprise wide Business Process Management and Advanced workflow solutions product. It provides enterprises with a strong and collaborative platform to develop a business application, using a seamless and efficient process model.

BPM For Enterprise

jBPM enables business users, analysts, managers and other stakeholders to collaborate with developers in process design, implementation, integration and administration of an enterprise's BPM environment.
  • KIE Workbench - A unified interface for centralized process management.
  • Process Automation - Advanced BPM workflow software functionality for process analysis, modeling, execution and monitoring
  • Process Integration - Out-of-the-box connectors for ERP systems such as SAP to rapidly integrate processes with other applications.
  • Process Optimization - Comprehensive BAM dashboards, KPIs and performance analysis allow for continuous process optimization.
  • Collaboration across the enterprise in process definition and execution possible
BPM For Business Users

A full service BPM solution that seamlessly integrates existing systems with your business processes. jBPM is business user-friendly and facilitates an automated BPM environment without significant investments in software development.
  • Collaboration Features such as queues and calendars for effective resource management
  • Business Processes and workflow initiation 
  • Centralized process management portals
  • Enterprise Content Management of company-wide process
  • Business Intelligence features such as BAM, audit trails
  • Dashboard views present context based information to users thus increasing productivity
BPM Architecture

The Architecture diagram shown below provides the complete gist of its extensibility, interoperability, scalability and the flexibility to integrate with various third party applications or popular Microsoft products.

BPM Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer provides a complete range of activities under the following categories

  • Human Activities - Approvals, Checklists, Tasks, Choice, Information, and Work for allowing resources to easily participate in processes.
  • Integration Activities - XML, XML Variable Interfaces, Web Service, Script, COM, Integration with Office are some of the activities available to allow a process to interact with other applications.
  • Communication Activities - Process Designer allows processes to be initiated on emails, SMS and other forms of communication and also enables transmission of messages through these channels.
  • Engine Activities - Decisions, rules, loops, and variable updates are some of the activities that the jBPM Workflow Engine performs as a part of the process.
  • Scheduler Activities - jBPM offers powerful timer and scheduler functionality for precision scheduling of process activities.

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