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Online Store, eCommerce Solution

Infinity Store
Infinity Store truly is the art of user-friendly online shopping cart software. The ecommerce program is being integrated with the most powerful Infinity CMS backed by a team of programmers, designers, and consultants. 

Unlike some shopping cart solutions seem to be complicated programming exercises instead of responding to customers' needs, Infinity Store puts the merchants and shoppers requirements first.

With the integration with Infinity CMS 5.0, which comes with 45 and growing number of modules, your options are unlimited to make sure your customers' requirements are met. This is the only one software that you need that can grow with your business without investing too much time and resources.

Key Features

Built in Search Engine Optimization
: This is the most search engine friendly shopping cart module that exists today.  We give you complete control over your Title, Description, Keywords and you can even determine what you want your URL address to read! 

Unlimited Categories & Products  : This module was designed to handle unlimited products and categories. Easily nest categories within other categories and add products to multiple categories. Simple drag and drop interfaces make it easy to manage categories. Besides that, we also allow you to sell electronic products. Unlike other software that limits number of items to be added. 

Built in Marketing Tools : You can increase sales through use of coupons, which can be applied with various discount methods and restrictions that you set. Determine and act on cross-selling opportunities based on your customers' purchase histories. Automatically create a customer record for every online shopper with comprehensive data such as mailing address, payment information, and history of recent activities. 

Shipping for Physical Goods :The system routes returning customers directly to the review page; they can change payment and address information, apply coupons, and choose their delivery method. Customers view different shipping rates. 

Seamless Online Payment :Accept real-time payments using PayPal or Credit Cards. Prevent fraud with security measures. The module remembers a shopper's particular and payment information from previous visits, and can store multiple addresses for shipping. Returning shoppers can check out in one easy step.

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