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Paperless Accounts Payable Solution

Billbox - Complete Paperless Accounts Payable Solution
Billbox Paperless Accounts Payable SolutionBillbox allows companies to receive, process and archive invoices electronically, completely paperless. It provides an easy way to allow vendors to submit electronic invoices via secured web interface, XML, Excel file upload or integration with ERP system, eliminate errors due to inaccurate data entry. By replacing paper invoice, it reduces redundant data transcribing process for easy searching, sharing and archiving. With integrated workflow for approval, it also integrates with SAP or other ERP seamlessly with comprehensive audit trail and statistics in a controlled environment. With three-way matching mechanism to reduce error for payments to complete the Accounts Payable cycle.
  • Streamlined Electronic Invoice Processing Cycle
  • Eliminate Common Errors Such As Duplicate Invoices Or Inaccurate Data
  • Out Of The Box Processes For Invoice And Purchase Order Processing
  • Transform Manual Filing And Process To Electronic Process And Workflow
  • Real Time Tracking Of Invoices And Payment Status
  • Vendor Self-Service Provide Better Customer Service And Reduce Phone Calls
  • Reduce Human Error With Three-Way-Matching For Payment Processing
  • Compliant With Internal Controls And Procedures
Main features
  • Billbox Screenshot100% Web Based, No Software To Install, No Software To Maintain
  • Hassle Free Invoice Searching, Sharing and Archiving
  • Vendor Self-Service With Auto Email Notifications
  • Easy Adoption For Vendors To Replace Paper Invoice
  • Traceability, Accountability And Powerful Analytics
  • Open Standard Integration With SAP, ERP, Oracle
  • Integrated Approval Or Integrate With Workflow System
  • No More Lost Paper Documents
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail and Statistics
  • Support Centralized Bill Processing
Key benefits to buyers
  • 100% visibility
  • Reduce invoice processing time significantly
  • Eliminate human error
  • Cut manual process by half
  • Reduce inter-department, inter-company mis-communication, hassle free
  • Less calls and support on checking of invoice status
  • Reduce human error with three-way-matching for payment processing
  • Save time and money in searching, storing paper invoices
Key benefits to vendors
  • Eliminate duplicated data transcribing, improved data consistency
  • Time saving on preparing, storing and searching paper invoices
  • No more lost invoices, better customer service
  • No more embarrassing calls on checking of invoice status
  • Better cash flow as vendors likely get payments faster, more satisfaction
  • Enjoy the convenience of online invoice tracking
  • Reduce paper usage, save cost and save the environment
What are the differences?

Comparison in Accounts Payable Process Traditional
Paper Based Processing
A Smarter Choice, For A Greener Earth
Purchase Order POs are often printed as hardcopy, frequently in multi copies and send to the vendor via fax or snail mail.
Significant cost are involved especially when the volume is high, the entire process is time and resources intensive, paper waste are generated and manual process are required for the recipient to transcribe the data again.
Seamlessly integrated with ERP/SAP systems, reduce data entry. Can be pushed to vendor’s system automatically through open interface.

Totally eliminate redundant data transcribing and reduce human error, save time and save cost.
Sending/Receiving Invoice Manual process are involved in printing and sending the invoice, cost involved in stamps, paper and admin job when volume increases. Double data entry is required for the recipient. Most importantly there is no acknowledgement and guarantee if the invoice is received, more cost and process are involved to resend and for duplicated invoices. Send and receive electronic invoices in a secured platform, save cost on human processing and paper handling.

Data can be pushed to other systems for further processing. 100% visibility through out the process thus reduces redundant calls and improves customer service.
Approval Workflow Paper based document requires signatory and approval are teadious and inefficient when it comes to multi approvals invove multi location or multi parties. It often results drop in service standard and missing of documents, and overall productivity is affected.
Convenience of online approval, making multi location and multi parties’ approval in a easy and efficient manner. Allow users to track the status and reminders to ensure the appropriate actions to be taken.
Better customer service level and over productivity is improved.
Online Statement of Accounts SOAs are extremely difficult to reconcile when it comes to physical copies, especially when the number of bills is huge. In come cases, the physical SOA can go up to 30 pages long and makes it impossible to reconcile and to produce the updated accounts.
Nearly real time invoice status tracking, allows 100% reconciliation of SOAs possible. Vendor self-service module allows users to upload and download SOA status, and vendors can use the latest status to update their system for reconciliation. On top of that, payment status can be tracked for each document.

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