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Complete Module Listing

DotNetNuke Module Listing
Each module is a seperate program accomplish a relatively independent task, such as
Photo Album module is used to display photos.

The core features are included with all packages. The modules are selectively included
with various different package options. For more detail, please talk to our consultant.

Text / Html Editor
Advanced Html editor similar to MS Front Page on your website, you can insert picture,
add links, as well as create tables.

News Announcement / Press Release
Add, update and delete news announcements, include a title, description and an
optional Read More link. You can also specify expiry date for the announcement. 

Banner / Advertisement
Add, update and delete banners for your website, you can add a banner base on
number of impressions or date. Banners can be displayed randomly from your banner
database. Impression and click through are recorded. 

Documents Download
Authorized users can upload documents for download, you can control access to the

FAQ Module
Add Questions and Answers in the FAQ list, user can click on the Question to view
respective answer 

News Feeds
By reading news source with standard RSS format, to display news on your website 

Feedback Form
Simple feedback form to allow visitor to send a short message to specified email address 

Online Survey
Add, update and delete surveys. The question and options can be modified by non-technical
person, the results can be viewed in graph by percentage once an option is selected and voted 

Site Search
User can search for content from the entire website 

Article Management
Allow authorized users to publish articles. Approval by authorized role is needed before it
can be published on the website. Publish role and approval role can be defined by Administrators 

Photo Album
Allow authorized users to upload photos to your website. Thumbnail is automatically generated,
click on thumbnail to view photo with original size 

Contact Manager
A database to keep your contacts' information, such as company, emails, contact numbers,
note and picture, etc. You can import registered users, search by company, name, etc.
Custom groups can be created to group users. List can be viewed in card or list view,
also able to export to Excel. 

Multimedia Manager
You can display a Flash, Windows, QuickTime and Real Media file on the website,
by specify the file name, display size. You can opt for Auto Play and Loop Play. 

Customized Form Creator
You can create any type of custom feedback form using TextBox, Dropdown Box,
Radio Button and Check Box, as well as attributes for each field, such as Required Field,
display width, options for dropdown box, etc. Results can be exported to Excel, also can
be viewed online and send by email 

Discussion Forum
Users to start discussion tread, reply to messages. Administrators can moderate and
manage forums 

Dynamic Sitemap
A tree view sitemap for the website navigation is generated base on the current
user's access rights 

Resources Manager

Custom template and form can be created for users to add listing, such as for classfied ads.

Spider Crawler

This module will generate site links on the page only when crawlers visit your website. Such as GoogleBot, MSNBot, etc

You can add a scrolling text on the website, you can define the scrolling direction, speed 

Event / Calendar
Authorized users can post events and be displayed in a calendar format, can be
displayed in month view, week view and day view. Events categories can be defined
by users and can be displayed in different colors. 

Content Manager

Approval by authorized role is needed for content update. Content update role and
Approval role can be defined by administrators. Email notification can be sent by email.
Version history is kept for viewing until manually deleted. 

Chat Room
Users can join chat room and post messages 

Web Blogging
Allow users to post their messages in a structured format

Facility Booking

An convenient way to allow users to book time based equipments such as meeting rooms,
admin users can manage the facilities and equipments with email notification.

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