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Key Features of DotNetNuke Web Content Management System

DotNetNuke Key Features
Web Content Management Features: Role Based SecurityRole Based Security authorization can be set for each web page
simply by ticking a check box for each role that can view the page.
In addition, allows a page that is available to All Users to display
part of the content to only a particular group of users. 

Modular Based Content Management Build Web site faster with
pre-built content management modules. Modules are mini programs within your Web
which work independently from the foundation. Such as Events
Calendar and FAQs are modules.

Web Content Management Features: Real Time Content UpdatesReal Time Content Updates You can make updates in real-time.
We also can take your requirement to convert our content deployment
process by enabling business users to safely publish content in the
development environment, then push the content to live server.

Web Content Management Features: Work Flow ManagementWork Flow Management Some of our Modules can ensure content
is properly reviewed and approved prior to publication by developing
multi-step role-based workflow customized to meet your business needs.

Dynamic Page Assembly Dynamically assemble pages to personalize
content based on user profile, click-through analysis, Internet browser,
device, and language preference.

 Content Scheduling ensure content is always published on time and is
 never out of date by automating your publishing and archiving schedule.

Object Repository ensures maximum flexibility by storing content as individual
content objects—separated from the code and design elements of the Web site.
Storing content as objects makes it possible to dynamically generate content,
enabling personalization and enhancing flexibility. 

Dynamic Web Content Caching
achieve maximum page serving performance by caching of both static and dynamic
content. You can specify a time span for a particular page to be cached.

Distributed Administration Optimized management of multiple sites on the same
Web server or highly distributed Web sites with support for delegation of certain
administrator capabilities to Channel Managers. 

Support XML, Web Services Manage content in XML format with XML Objects.
And support for exposing content and functionality within the system as standard
XML Web services. 

Business Rule Integration Custom business functions can be
easily integrated as separate modules. Only special modules need to be developed
as ad hoc basis. Most of the commonly used modules are ready to be deployed,
implies plenty of cost saving transferred to our clients.

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