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e.Form: Digital|Cloud|Mobile 

Go Green, Go Paperless, Switch to Digital Forms
Digitising all your paper forms is easy with e.Form. It provides you with everything you need to design, deploy and process electronic forms across your department, organization and even interact with your vendors or customers.

Electronic forms can be automated based on your organization's business processes, enables seamless creation, approval, archive, sharing and retrieval of all eForms via a Web browser or mobile devices.

  • 100% web-based forms designer with an AJAX-based WYSIWYG editor to create rich browser-based forms.
  • Layout painter for specifying HTML layouts and for forms preview and testing.
  • Associated property sheets to configure presentation and appearance of forms.
  • Map data between form fields and process attributes in control property sheets.
  • Link forms easily to processes and even call forms from within process workflows.
  • Validation rules to eliminate data entry errors and useful tool tips to guide users during data entry.
  • Manage versioning and security of forms
  • Create complex forms for use in processes
  • Use forms to either initiate workflows or as part of an activity in the workflow
Key Benefits
  • Reduce Paper Usage and Costly Paper Handling and Routing. Paper based forms are costly to print, store, distribute, mail, and process. Automation of form processing ensures there is no disconnect between a form and the business process required for that form.
  • 100% Visibility, Tracking and Auditing. Instant access to current and prior activity, including completed forms and processes, ensures that authorized users have immediate access to the information they need. Having visibility into a form's complete life cycle reduces cost, improves quality, and ensures access to accurate business information.
  • Better Information Delivery and Process Automation. The completed forms are automatically routed to appropriate users for review/approval. The routing provides automated email notifications and personalized task lists for users who must review or approve a form.
  • Reduce Errors and Improve Accuracy. Form validation, Pre-populating form values from external sources and form segment isolation enable users to input only the data required of them. This results in fewer areas to complete, reducing errors and ensuring greater accuracy and data consistency.
  • Business Monitoring and Business Intelligence. Presenting users with eForms that appear similar to their paper-based predecessor eases the transition to the form completion process and improves the quality of information collected. Form data are collected and mined for real-time reporting.
Key Features

  • Graphical Form Designer: An intuitive way of form creation, similar to Microsoft Words, enables you create an eform quickly and easily.
  • Database Lookup: It not only supports basic HTML controls, such as text box, drop down list, check box, but also provide a dynamic way to retrieve lookup value from your database to be displayed in your eform. This can be from your own ERP, finance, inventory or any other in-house system.
  • Access Control: You can control user access to each form, and also which part of the form.
  • Graphical Workflow Designer: It also provides an intuitive way to design workflow via a Java based control over the web browser. User can intuitively drag and drop the workflow process base on your real business needs, and then define the properties for each step of the process. User also can view the real time status of an eform via the graphic presentation.
  • Fixed or Dynamic Workflow: You can design a fix workflow base on your business process, or dynamic workflow to allow the user to select which person to process the form.
  • Intelligent Reminder and Re-Routing: The system provides a way to track the time during each step of the routing. Re-routing can be configured if task being delayed, reminder will also be sent via email, instant message or SMS.
  • Conditional Routing: Your business is dynamic, so the workflow has to be dynamic too. Base on the value of the form, or user defined criteria, the eform can be intelligently re-routed to a different process.
  • Parallel or Serial Routing: The workflow of the eform supports parallel and serial processing.
  • Seamless Integration: The output of the form can be used as an input of another form, or output to your own database for further process, such as ERP, finance, HR, or other in-house system.
  • Reports Generation: Comprehensive reports are provided to view the activities during a workflow. User also can design their own reports via a easy-to-user interface, no programming is needed.
  • Web Services Support: Infinity eForm supports Web services to integrate with any other open standard systems.


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